design school

A futuristic world, assembled with contempory facts and events, based on the visions of Franz Kafka.


Helena: "In this project I tried to show a future world through the eyes of Franz Kafka. During my researches I discovered Franz Kafka as an interesting but difficult person like I almost expected. I made the decision to build a negative future based on his fears and also neurosis, as he was a more pessimistic person and a lot of his stories criticize the world and the human behaviour in our society. The contents are affected by Kafkas view of the world, his criticism of individual humans, who are in this society part of a larger complex, the bureaucracy which only works in interaction. The human is brutalized by a violent application of political power. It was very difficult to translate abstract thoughts into language and images. So I started searching in films for images to show a world that doesn't exist. I tried to support the atmosphere the images produced with the type i designed and the layout, which was very strict and inspired by Kafka's always criticized bureaucracy."