design school

For many students, the first part of this stage is characterized by a fight with destructive thoughts like, 'what i do is not necessary enough' or it is 'important for me but boring to others'.

Of course, neither argument is really valid. You can make almost every subject substantial and exiting (it depends on what you do with it and how).

Here more than at previous levels, different disciplines come together. Making concepts, searching, planning, writing, designing, keeping concentrated, changing everything at the last moment.

Students are encouraged to write as a designer and design as a writer (rather than write first and design later). This may sound confusing but while performing both activities simultaneously, the concept of collecting, selecting, cutting, pasting and composition will stay the same.

In the end the author/designer only has to assemble the pieces together; the elements of a book, website, exhibition or other piece of visual communication fall 'natural' into their place.