design school

An alternative system to retell key moments in football matches. Here, for a change, the elegant (instead of the masculine) aspects of the game are foregrounded.

Cooperative project between Anne Gruber and Marlene Schaefer


Germany's three world cups (1954, 1974, 1990)

While studying the original tv covering of three outstanding football matches, we noticed the regular rythm in the speech of the commentator. We neglected the talk itself but took notice of the speed, the stakkato of the speech, as well as the playing process. We then "wrote down" specific fragments in a strict and regular way and added an illustrative layer. Important for us was to find a unique composition of text, arrows, fields and footballs. We choose the type Courier New because we imagined the sound of someone fast typing on a classic typewriter. We chose colors which were fashionable at the time of playing. We ended up with posters which were quite alienated to footballfields but close to the game process, including the "TOR" (goal).