design school

Two fragments of speeches by DDR-politicians, marking the beginning and end of the Berlin wall. The more than 3 meter long visualizations reveal some telling imperfections behind 2 typical (poker face) facades.

Cooperative project between Fabian Hammans, Rosina Huth and Lena Stübbe.

50 seconds history

Walter Ulbricht and Günther Schabowski

The two phrases we selected, outlined below, mark the begin and the end of the Berlin-wall. The historical importance and the contrast between a very controlled and a more spontaneous statement raised our interest. The bold, black typography of the first text should be a contrast to Günther Schabowski's hesitating declaration (which was emphasized by a lot of "Äh"). We put both sentences in a timeline to be able to represent the historical development and the aspect of time. Finally, we added an extra layer, containing a selection of short phrases, associations and pictures.

1. quote:
Between 1960 and 1973 Walter Ulbricht was the head of the DDR. During a pressconference at June 15, 1961, he was asked if the DDR had plans to built a border between east and west Germany. Walter Ulbricht answered self assured: "Niemand hat die Absicht eine Mauer zu errichten" ("Nobody has intentions to build a wall"). Two months later, in August 1961, the wall in Germany was erected.

2. quote:
At November 9, 1989, Politburo-member Günther Schabwoski announced the opening of the wall between west and east Berlin. His answer was surprisingly spontaneous, one almost could call it a missunderstandig, but had massive consequences for our German history. In the same night thousands of people crossed the former border.