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Say something true

Articulation: express an idea with a limited set of words

Which subjects keep your mind busy? We need terms such as 'free', 'future', 'me', 'lazy', 'mobile phone', 'wintersale', 'smog' (but please don't use the word 'family' this time).

Compose 5 - 10 definitions of these terms by cutting out, selecting and arranging the given 60 'mini-language'-words (see below). Select the most urgent one. ---- Design a mini-poster (size A4) with the selected definition (integrate an english and chinese text version). ---- Make a second version with the same text, but now with a different composition, accentuating a different aspect of the content. ---- 3,5 days

For this experiment you will use the 'mini-language' based on the research of the Polish prof. Anna Wierzbicka. These are the words you can choose from: ---- I, YOU, SOMEONE, PEOPLE, SOMETHING/THING, BODY ---- THIS, THE SAME, OTHER ---- ONE, TWO, SOME, ALL, MANY/MUCH ---- GOOD, BAD ---- BIG, SMALL, (LONG) ---- VERY ---- THINK, KNOW, WANT, FEEL, SEE, HEAR ---- SAY, WORD, TRUE ---- DO, HAPPEN, MOVE ---- THERE IS, HAVE ---- LIVE, DIE ---- WHEN/TIME, NOW, BEFORE, AFTER, A LONG TIME, A SHORT TIME, FOR SOME TIME, MOMENT ---- WHERE/PLACE, HERE, ABOVE, BELOW; FAR, NEAR; SIDE, INSIDE, TOUCHING ---- NOT, MAYBE, CAN, BECAUSE, IF ---- MORE ---- KIND OF, PART OF ---- LIKE