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Looking through facades

Grids: connect units and use them as containers

Last week you made a window pattern. Now this pattern will be used as a grid for graphic design.

Start by collecting plenty material (text and image from a magazine, newspaper or any other printed medium). You should feel affiliated with the subjects you choose. ---- Make a simple visual statement with the selected material: a view about the future, cultural differences, something personal or any other message with a certain importance or necessity. Throw all abundant information away. ---- Prepare the material for the final layout: create elements with the size of single or grouped "windows" of your grid. ---- Put an empty sheet of paper on top of your grid-sheet. Paste the elements in a suitable composition. Choose positions which are corresponding with the window pattern underneath. ---- Finally, create an InDesign document of the same size of your grid and re-build the layout in the computer. Represent images as words. ---- 2,5 days